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General Philosophy

Lorandos and Associates consists of a team of attorneys, risk management consultants, investigators, researchers, and support staff, all of whom support the mission of realizing the most favorable outcome for our clients.

Business Litigation and White-Collar Defense

Business in the modern world has become extremely complex.  As a result, business litigation has become extremely complex.  If you find yourself involved in complex business litigation, either civil or criminal, you need not only the assistance of a specialist, but a team of specialists.

Because of their respectability and social status, those accused of white-collar crimes are thought to receive differential treatment. However, as the prosecutions surrounding Enron and Arthur Andersen point out, the pendulum is most definitely swinging in the opposite direction.  Across the nation, ambitious prosecutors, conscious of class-envy and stereotypes, are eager to draw a bead on those in positions of corporate responsibility.  An ever-growing get-tough attitude regarding white-collar crime is evidenced by programs such the American Prosecutors Research Institute's White Collar Crime Unit.

Besides being politically and socially charged, the criminal prosecution surrounding allegations of white-collar crime is inherently complex.   If accused of a white-collar crime, you need a firm not only capable of handling the intensely complex nature of the litigation, you need a firm that understands modern investigatory techniques and courtroom technology.

We at Lorandos and Associates know what it takes to win these cases.

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Local attorneys stated they had never seen a similar case won in more than 30 years of practice in the area.

The case involved charges of  healthcare fraud and sexual misconduct leveled against a Muslim dentist in a conservative Midwestern state. But aggressive tactics beat the odds.  Click here to learn more.

Lorandos & Associates attorney Ashish S. Joshi  was elected  recently to serve on the Council for the International Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan.  Mr. Joshi also co-chairs the Commercial Litigation Committee, a committee of the Business Law Section.

Lorandos & Associates attorney Ashish S. Joshi was recently invited to make a presentation to a prominent Michigan law firm on the topic of Internal Investigations and the Role of Company Counsel.